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The Church in Nigeria employs the JDPC as an organ to implement her social and human development program.

JDPC is considered the Archdiocesan answer to the summon of the’ Second Vatican Council which states that the church should be concerned in the building of a just and peaceful world. His Holiness Pope Paul VI stressed -.in, the encyclical ‘Populorum Progresso; one of the important documents of the Council which focused on the development of people. The Progressive development of people is an object of deep interest and concern to the church.’  The essence of this commission is to awaken in the people of God full awareness of their mission on earth and to further the progress of poorer nations and international social Justice.

About JDPC Onitsha

OUR PROJECTS                                                                                              DONATE

Our Projects span accross Democracy and good governance, Promic 1&2, Agriculture, Pro-Agric, School run scheme, election monitoring and evaluation, voice to the people, social campaigns and so on.
Support our projects, make a donation today to help the people in need
Support our projects, make a donation today to help the people in need