JDPC Onitsha                                                                                                                         3

.JDPC VISION                                                                                                                      3

JDPC MISSION                                                                                                                     3


FORWARD BY REV. FR. EDWIN UDOYE, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                   3

SUMMARY of 2015 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                           4

CONSOLIDATION OF PARISH-JDPC IN 2015                                                               5

PARISH AND MARKET LENTEN CAMPAIGN                                                              6

HEALTH AND HOSPITAL MONITORING                                                                      7

RESUSCITATION AND CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOP                                               8

PARISH SENSITIZATION:                                                                                                 9

PARISH SENSITIZATION:                                                                                                 9

REHABILITATION:                                                                                                                         9

ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTIONS                                                                     10


PROMOTING MICRO-ENTERPRISES (PROMIC) 1, 2, 3                                                           13

KEKE (TRI-CYCLE) Project                                                                                                            15

SCHOOL RUN                                                                                                                      16

AUTO-MECHANIC CENTRE.                                                                                            16


GREATER VOICE FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS                                                               18

COMEN AND CBM TOOK OWNERSHIP                                                                                    18

CAPACITY BUILDING FOR LGA EXECUTIVES                                                                      19

TAX JUSTICE ADVOCACY                                                                                               20

JDPC-V2P ADVOCACY TO EEDC HEADQUARTER                                                    20

IMPROVED MEDIA COVERAGE                                                                                     21

SUCCESSFUL ELECTION MONITORING                                                                      21

ENLARGED PARTNERSHIP                                                                                             22

JDPC CARITAS INTERVENTION                                                                                     23


ST MARY’S PARISH IBA-POPE AWADA                                                                                   24

SACRED HEART PARISH ODOAKPU ONITSHA                                                         24

ST JUDE THE APOSTLE PARISH FEGGE ONITSHA                                                    25

ST MARY PARISH INLAND TOWN ONITSHA                                                              26

SS JOHN AND PAUL PARISH (IBA POPE) AWADA                                                   27

HOLY SPIRIT PARISH OMAGBA                                                                                                27

ST JOHN DE BAPTIST ODOAKPU                                                                                   27

OUR LADY OF FATIMA PARISH WOLIWO                                                                  28


THERESA PARISH OBOSI                                                                                                 29

ST ANTHONY OF PADUA NKPOR                                                                                  29

HOLY CROS PARISH NKPOR                                                                                          30

HOLY FAMILY PARISH AKUZU                                                                                     30



ST CHARLES LWANGA PARISH OKPOKO                                                                   32

ST JOSEPH PARISH ATANI                                                                                               32

ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI OKPOKO                                                                                               33


ST AUGUSTINE PARISH UMUOBA-ANAM                                                                  33


ST FRANCIS IFITE AGULERI                                                                                           34


ST WILLIAMS PARISH NKWELLE EZUNAKA                                                             35


ST ODILIAS CATHOLIC CHURCH OJOTO-UNO                                                          36





JDPC of Onitsha Archdiocese is the Archdiocesan answer to the summon of the Second Vatican Council which states that the Church should be concerned in the building of a just and peaceful world.  His Holiness Pope Paul VI stressed in the encyclical ‘Populorum Progresso’, an important document that focused on the development of people, that the ‘progressive development of people is an object of deep interest and concern to the church.’ The mandate of the commission is to awaken in the people of God full awareness of their mission on earth. Equally, it has the mandate to further promote peace and justice for good of the human person and society. It is therefore the social arm of the church, which strives to right the ills or wrongs of the society and proffer solutions to them. It was established in 1990. The Justice, Development and Peace Commission/Caritas is a department in the Catholic Archdiocesan Secretariat Onitsha registered as a Non Governmental Organization.  Its activities cover the geographical areas of the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha, which embraces 175 Parishes and Chaplaincies.

JDPC/Caritas as social arm of the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha carries out programmes and interventions that are people friendly, development oriented, that promote human dignity, fight to alleviate poverty through empowerment, strive to be the voice of the voiceless and works to promote good governance.

In its network and partnership, JDPC/Caritas works with relevant stakeholders – CSOs CBOs, NGOs Government agencies, local and international donors. It has over 2000 volunteers from regional and parish JDPC platforms.

Vision Statement

A Society of Justice, Equity, Development and Peace.

Mission Statement

To promote the dignity of the human person through a holistic empowerment approach


  • Environmental Justice
  • Judicial and Penal Reform
  • Economic and Social Justice
  • Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
  • Democracy and Good Governance
  • Caritas


The works of development, peace and justice have positioned JDPC/Caritas Onitsha to be working with and for the poor, the marginalized, vulnerable and the entire humanity to uphold human dignity by giving voice to the voiceless and to challenge any structure that impoverish people and makes the world unsafe.

JDPC/Caritas Onitsha has tremendously giving voice to the voiceless through her democracy and good governance programme through which duty bearers have been held to account and be responsive. Injustices and abuse of human rights have addressed and people liberated. In the past years JDPC has been intensively involved in right education, gender education civic and voter education, advocacy for good governance and tax justice education.  This has bore a lot of fruits. Equally, in the year 2014-15 the Commission has embarked on different empowerment programmes. Cadomics especially has touched more than 2000 persons through provision of soft loans. Through caritas intervention many more lives have been touched. More parishes are now active in caritas work.

The scope and visibility of the commission’s work are increasing every day. Many parishes are now setting up JDPC and many people are being made active citizens through JDPC live radio programme.  We thank God for his graces and growth this year. I appreciate His Excellency Most Rev. Valerian Okeke for tremendous support especially for initiating Archdiocesan micro-credit scheme and Oluchukwu Automobile Mechanic Workshop for youth empowerment. I thank the auxiliary Bishop Most Rev. Denis Isizoh for encouraging JDPC to do poverty mapping exercise in Olumbanasa and his promise to support enlightenment programme in the area. JDPC Board of Directors, I appreciate your availability and support. I thank all the management team, JDPC Staff, Parish JDPC members and volunteers for their sacrifice and service.

The 2015 annual report provides a glimpse of some of wonderful success stories of JDPC/Caritas in different facets of the Archdiocese and Anambra State in general. I hope reading the report will give you more insight in the work of JDPC/Caritas, our service and commitment.

Nevertheless, JDPC/Caritas have some challenges that impede the progression of its works. The problem of office space, lack of required fund to engage in full interventions, increasing incidence of poverty in the society and slow pace of embracing change are some the challenges the commission is having. Read the report and join JDPC/Caritas to be an agent of change, to touch poor lives positively, to be a voice of the voiceless,  to be development agent and lover of peace.


The year 2015 is the year of greater achievement for JDPC/Caritas Onitsha. The Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) Onitsha engaged in series of activities that guaranteed development of human person and society  hence contributed to end incidence of poverty among citizens and bad governance. Many result oriented activities were taken in six specific areas JDPC/Caritas interventions with the intention to promote human development, socioeconomic justice, poverty eradication and re-establishment of stronger systems and structures that promote good governance for sustainable development.

JDPC/Caritas Onitsha within the year under review created awareness on governance activities through mobilization, sensitization and capacity building on project execution and monitoring among communities, Parish JDPC Volunteers and members.  Thus, JDPC Onitsha strengthened and empowered Traditional Rulers, PGs, Women Leaders, Youth Leaders, Village heads, Religious Leaders, Umuada, Women Wing, Town Union, Student Union, Age grade, Youths and Girls groups to demand their rights, ask questions about budget allocation documents, draw demand chatters and to be able to hold duty bearers to account.   

Following JDPC sound skill in advocacy and lobbying, it has achieved results on various advocacy targets. For instance, JDPC has introduced budget analysis that helped the communities to know budget calendar and concomitant follow with government or contractors.  The budget issue gave rise to Scorecard, MR. BUP, monitoring and evaluation and establishment of community based monitors to enforce effective monitoring of projects and track their implementation stages in the communities’ government projects.

Interestingly, the JDP Commission has developed quality ideas in engaging gender and social inclusion. The organization has new and innovative ideas working with women and girls to foster inclusive governance.  Through her gender education programme women have been brought together at the community level to transform their ideology of “not wanted, not needed” into superlative thoughts of “Yes we can” and went ahead to assimilate all JDPC capacity building on effective leadership, quality representation and participation. Today, there are women proudly sitting in decision making dialogue in TR cabinet meeting in Umuoba Anam, Nawgu, Nando, etc. These were never heard of before the intervention of JDPC Onitsha confidence building on women and engagement of community stakeholders on the importance of women participation in decision making. There are 2 women Councillors from I-WIG, women in CBM, women in COMEN Chairmanship, women everywhere growing stronger, permeating into every sector changing the statuesque of male dominance in governance. It is simply beyond words.

Besides, it is pertinent to note that the efforts of JDPC Onitsha in gaining licence for certified election observation in Anambra state demonstrated our resolve to support free and fair elections with track records for references and posterity. Thus, JDPC enlisted credible community men and women identified during community sensitization and activities, trained and supported them in continuous issue based voter education across 11 LGAs in the state. What a great feat!

JDPC Onitsha believing in its strong mission and vision for common good and upholding of social justice embarked on tax justice for protection of common men and women as well as supporting the IGR for the government for effective service deliveries. We sensitized the market and trade union groups in the state on the importance of tax for revenue allocation and the agreement with the government on the actual tax to be paid and the best mode of payment. This activity is laudable as all touts collecting illegal taxes were driven off the road. On JDPC request, the State government created a hotline for reporting any form of illegal tax operations.

Remarkably, JDPC Onitsha is outstanding in institutionalizing great platforms for effective development and good governance and has used this in 2015 to gain a household name in Anambra State. There were regular constituency briefings with Hon. Members representing the various constituencies. JDPC brought the Representatives together with their people and this is amazing as the people never knew it could be possible. They see their representatives, touch them, and dialogue with them about their needs so that they will represent them effectively. There is also quarterly service providers’ meeting with all direct government workers (teachers, nurses, etc) in the community where they dialogue with the community for efficient service delivery. There are the establishment and institutionalization of COMEN and CBM which organize their regular meetings on community development and governance activities in the communities.

Equally, in the year under review, the Commission’s innovation and strategy on social media and knowledge management have been resounding success that created channels for wider outreaches and engagement socially. We created online resources on twitter, facebook, whatsapp where topical and current issues on governance are freely discussed. The JDPC Radio Live Programme in Radio Sapientia has given the commission tremendous visibility.

Furthermore, JDPC Onitsha in the year 2015 alone facilitated various empowerment programmes for the youth, farmers, women and petty traders. The partnership with Rotary Club Germany in the training of 3 young men for automobile maintenance programme has been successful. The 3 engineers who returned to Nigeria after 3 months training will support the establishment of a new automobile workshop in Onitsha Archdiocese. The construction of the workshop centre has commenced. This is amidst other empowerment programmes such as CADOMICS I, CADOMICS II, PROMIC I, PROMIC II, PROMIC Agric, Co-operative Society and Keke empowerment programmes. The purpose of this programme is to promote livelihood among the indigents hence build sustainable means of self-sustenance and development.

Basically, many Parish JDPCs made significant contribution in supporting the realization of the above achievements in the Archdiocese. They participated in JDPC fund raising programmes organized within the period of Lent. A massive Lenten Campaign Drive was embarked upon to sensitize and conscientized people on the need for almsgiving within Lenten period. They participated actively in JDPC Week programme, parish and regional meetings. Going through the report many parishes have in recent times inaugurated JDPCs their parishes. The report indicates that JDPC caritas interventions (bursary, cash charity, relief packages and medicals) have tremendously increased both in the parish levels and secretariat.  Many lives were touched. The quarterly Archdiocesan JDPC meetings are well attended and members manifesting great enthusiasm and commitment.

With joy the Commission appreciates the fabulous financial support from the Archbishop, Most Rev. Valerian M. Okeke which inevitably helped for the sustainability and formidability of the Commission. The members of the Board of Directors and management team have shown greater commitment towards the development of the commission through periodic meetings and strategic planning on organizational programmes and designs. The 14 man Board members continued to support the commission with new, original and innovative ideas the contributed to actualization of JDPC Onitsha 2015 dreams.

Finally, JDPC Onitsha in her V2P programme won the best Christian Aid Partner in governance programme for 2015. Equally, she won second position in finance overall rating in the same programme.






JDPC Onitsha 2015 report covers the socioeconomic development, conflict resolution, promotion of good governance and various humanitarian activities done under the following functions and projects


The secretariat in conjunction with Regional and Parish JDPC’s have through sensitization and mobilization increased the number of her members, registered parishes, enhanced her empowerment programmes and built the capacity of members. Below is the breakdown of the achieved activities.

Ø  Number of parishes with JDPC has increased from 51 to 82

Ø  Number of attendance and participation in the Archdiocese JDPC meetings has increased from 78 to 185 members while Parish JDPC membership has grown from 947 to 1, 810

Ø  Six regional parish JDPC cooperatives were established and registered for sustainable economic development.

Ø  Build the capacity of 150 youths of parish JDPC for employment generation, career and business development.

Ø  Empowers over 2, 000 men and women with micro-credit soft loans for sustainable economic development.

Ø  Build capacity of 120 parish JDPC members for sustainable infrastructural development monitoring in their environment.

Ø  P-JDPC gave out assorted foods, clothing materials and cash gift worth over N 3 Million to over 1,200 less privileged and needy beneficiaries within the year through its parishes.

JDPC Onitsha Archdiocesan [email protected] Onitsha Region



The Forty day’s Lenten period starts with the Ash Wednesday and ends on the Holy week are very important in the life of Catholic. JDPC being a Catholic faith based organization celebrated it in a grand style. The JDPC members demonstrated their faith and engaged in the corporal work of mercy to raise fund in support of caritas work. Two major lines of activities were carried out namely: Market Lenten Campaign and Parish Lenten Campaign.

2015 Market Lenten campaign drive was carried out at the Main market, Ochanja Market, New Parts Market, New Tyre Market, Medicine Dealers Market, Electronics market and Ogbaru Relief Market with over Sixty (60) P-JDPC members participated.

The Parish Lenten Campaign was conducted by the Secretariat and hosted by St. Mary’s parish Inland town Onitsha. The 2015 Lenten campaign yielded about N 700,000:00 which was set apart for caritas work.


JDPC Onitsha Lenten Campaign Drive at Main Market Onitsha.



Vitamin A supplement and De-worming for Children: JDPC in collaboration with Social Network Initiative carried out Vitamin A supplement and De-worming for Children. The first phase of this P-JDPC project covers parishes in Onitsha North, and South local government Area. Medical experts trained and certified 60 P-JDPC members who administered Vitamin A supplements and de-wormed children in parishes within the LGAs. Over 1,500 beneficiaries were covered.

Another phase of De-worming for both teens and adult was carried out by Idemili North LGA health care department in collaboration with JDPC St Anthony of Padua Nkpor. Over 2,000 beneficiaries were treated.

P-JDPC’s were involved in hospital monitoring in the various communities they reside. The monitors check the availability doctors, nurses and equipment and environmental condition of the hospitals. Equally the use and availability of drugs were part of the monitoring.  This has helped to improve service delivery, staff commitment and hygiene in our primary health centers and hospitals.

JDPC Onitsha Staff with Community Based Monitors @UmuobaAnam Inspecting PHC




JDPC made successful effort to resuscitate its Young Catholic Professionals (YCP). As a result of the resuscitation, over 150 youths mostly graduates from tertiary institutions were trained on professional and entrepreneurial development. Thematic subjects like Career and Curriculum Vitae development, inspiration and motivation for personal success, time and stress management, entrepreneurship and business plan development were taught by experts. Many who benefited from the programme have launched themselves into market economy and self-enterprises.

Capacity Building workshop for Young Catholic Professionals.






Various Regions conducted sensitization and mobilization activities in ten parishes. The parishes are SS Peter & Paul Nkutanku, St Patrick Odekpe, St Mary Ochuche, St Theresa AkiliOzizor, St Williams Nkwelle, St Vincent Ogbunike, St Anthony Nteje, St Francis Nando, St Valerian Akpaka and St Patrick Ogidi St John Paul’s the Apostle and St Joseph parish Oba.This resulted in the establishment of parish JDPC in these parishes. New parish JDPCs were inaugurated and new members inducted.  Consequently, the scope and visibility of JDPC are spreading to more areas.


PIX 5 (JDPC Oba) Imagine



Under judicial and penal reformJDPC had high level meeting with the management of Onitsha Nkisi Prison in which 700 inmates on awaiting trial were identified. In furtherance to the above meeting, JDPC engaged the services of human right lawyers led by Bar.NdubuisiNwaokpolowho are working to free 20 prison inmates with minor offences.



JDPC worked with St Rita Home for the homeless and Blessed Mother Theresa home to rehabilitate 5 homeless persons. JDPC supported these homes with food, clothing, bible and vocational training.These inmates weresingle-handedly empowered by Chief EzeaniOluefi for sustainable livelihood through the provision of machines, materials and money to start their vocation trade.


JDPC Onitsha Empowers St Rita’s Home for the Homeless to Empower inmates.



JDPC engaged the services of the NPF, DSS, Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and in-house Arbitration committee in resolving 6 cases of child abuses. The offenders were thoroughly handled by relevant authorities and the victims were rehabilitated.  The intervention sawten cases of troubled marriages and families peaceably amended their differences leading to children re-union with their families, happier marital homes and cordial family relationship.

JDPC equally worked with the Igwes: HRH CosmasOkechukwu of Ihiala, Sir G Ekwealor and village heads: Onowu of Nkwelle and OgeneAmbrose Onuma of Ogwuikpele to resolve 6 cases on traditions and cultural norms .The complainants were satisfied with the intervention of these custodians of traditions and cultures.

Victim of Child of Abuse rescued by JDPC Onitsha.


JDPC Onitsha identified economic poverty as one of the major impediment to human development. Hence, the Commission designed sustainable economic development projects to tackle poverty. The projects are being implemented following the below scopes:

PROJECT No of Groups /Communities Beneficiaries (Men) Beneficiaries (Women) Total
CADOMICS (Archbishop)    76        403  601 1,004
CADOMICS (Princess Stella Odua)     18         120  205 325
PROMIC 1 (Swisshand)      21        –  301 301
PROMIC 2 (Swisshand)      19        –  345 345
PROMIC Agriculture     (Swisshand)        8            7    98 105
Total 144      533 1, 554 2, 087

CADOMICS: Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha Micro-credit Scheme is a parish based people oriented development initiative of the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha that focuses on incubating and nurturing micro entrepreneurs for sustainable means of livelihood. CADOMICS 1 is sponsored by His Grace, Most Rev. Dr. Valerian Okeke. The sum of N20.000000 (Twenty Million naira) was disbursed to 1,004 beneficiaries in the five Regions (Onitsha, Nnobi, Dunukofia, Igbariam and Aguleri Regions) of Onitsha Archdiocese in the year ended 2015.

Princess Stella Odua foundation sponsored the CADOMICS 2 project and 325 beneficiaries from 18 parish groups in Iyiowa Region have received a total loan of N6,000000  (Six Million naira) in the year ended 2015.

CADOMICS 1 and 2 projects have impacted and enriched JDPC/Caritasprogrammes. CADOMICS has improved parishioners means of livelihood. It has equally aided increase in interest and number of participants in JDPC activities. The communication department of JDPC has noted increase of 1,723 participants her programme events.  The number of functional JDPC in parishes has increased to 82. Besides, the number of participants in the Archdiocesan JDPC meetings has increased to 181.  CADOMICS 1 & 2 empowerment scheme has led to increase in number of new members of Parish JDPC in various parishes.

Beneficiaries of CADOMICS projects attested to the various ways the soft loan has helped them to jump-start their businesses and improve their livelihood in a sustainable way. A person with disabilities Mr. FavourOkekeof St Mary StationIyiowaOdekpe was on the street begging before hewas supported by CADOMICS to implement his dream of Auto Mechanic workshop. He has now a thriving auto-mechanic workshop, Keke tri-cycle and married with child.

Rev Fr. Aloysius Agba and other Priests working in Olumbanasa attested that over one thousand members of their community have either returned to Catholic Church or converted to Catholic faith as a result of CADOMICS soft loan empowerment. The exciting good news is that they are no longer overburdened and depreciated with usual 100% interest reimbursement.


Benificiary of JDPC CADOMCS Empowerment program.


JDPC Onitsha collaborated with SWISSHAND Switzerland to create space for the poor and marginalized in the rural communities to solve their economic problem and improve their livelihood.

JDPC Onitsha operates 3 PROMIC programs: PROMIC 1; PROMIC 2 and Agric PROMIC. The 3 projects which was supported by SWISSHAND Switzerland has given women new lease of life through enhanced agricultural activities, economic empowerment activities and soft loans in this year 2015.

PPOMIC 1 concentrated on women in the riverine areas of Anambra West, Anambra East, Ayamelum, Ogbaru and Oyi Local Government Areas. Others in the upland communities are in Idemili North, Idemili South and Ihiala LGAs. A lot of successes has been recorded in this project.Mrs. Okwunalu Rose reported that she cultivate her cassava then sell and had a good income in which she pay her children school fees. EbejaUjuChinwe also thanked JDPC and their staff for supporting her through PROMIC to send her children to school. Mrs. ChukwumaAnthonia of Ogbakuba was able to purchase a Canoe from the proceed of her JDPC PROMIC support

Beneficiary of JDPC PROMIC in a boat bought from profits made from her Business.

PROMIC 2scheme has typically helped women to establish new micro and small businesses, expand existing ones, helped local market women buy more goods and expand crop plantation. The fund is being recycled, thereby accommodating and increasing the total number of beneficiaries. Interestingly, PROMIC fund has been re-disbursed in Mmiata-Anam community more than 6 times, Umuoba-Anam 7 times, Anaku 4 times, Nnado 4 times, Umueri 3 times, Atani 5 times, Ogbakuba 4 times, etc. PROMIC is thriving because the loan schedule is convenient and viable unlike the loan system in the villages where 100% of the money borrowed is paid back in bulk. In 2015 Mrs. Ann Nwalieji from AguleriAnambra East LGA testified that the loan she received has helped her to improve her business and purchase a deep freezer.



Another Beneficiary of JDPC PROMIC showcasing the Refrigerator bought from profit made from her business.


PROMICAgricscheme is done in seven (7) communities of Anambra State namely Atani, Umueri, Umu-Oba, Ogbakuba, Mmiata-Anam, Anaku St Jude and St Joan of Arc Nando. Presently, 105 women and men are benefitting from it. The communities reached are purely male and female farmers and they were allowed till the end of the farming season to effect repayment..Mr. ArinzeIfeachor from Atani purchased testified that he purchased a new farmland from the income he realized after selling his farm produce.


11.  KEKE (TRI-CYCLE) Project

Keke (Tri-Cycle) is a parish based transportation support project aimed at empowering interested committed Catholics in a sustainable way. Seven (7) Keke (5 buses and 2 trucks) were given out at the cost of N 3.105 Million Naira. Beneficiaries of this project have appreciated JDPC Onitsha for helping them to alleviate their poverty.


JDPC Onitsha Keke Empowerment. JDPCO Director handing the  Keke to the Beneficiary.


JDPC school run started as an intervention to alleviate the suffering of parents and pupils. The two buses currently on the scheme carry a total of 58 children (36 children to & fro and 22 children fro only) from various schools in Onitsha.

The parents of the children in our school run programme: Mr. Okaforocha and Mrs. Ezeanyikatestified that the programme was of immense relief to them and want the project to be expanded to accommodate more beneficiaries.


JDPC Onitsha Child Minder with some of the benefiting kids of the School Run Programme




JDPC Onitsha in collaboration with Rotary Club Heidenheim Germany has sponsored 3 youths to Germany for training on modern auto-mechanic. JDPC Onitsha with the support of His Grace, Most Rev. Dr. Valerian Okeke the Archbishop of the Archdiocese has acquired good site/location for the construction of the workshop.The architectural planis now ready. Presently the construction work is about to start.

JDPC Onitsha Director with the 3 Young men sent to Germany


Voice to the people project has been a driver to change in governance, socio-cultural institutions, retooling of people’s conceptualization of ideas and empowering people to be active and responsive citizens. Below are summary of the feats registered through the project.

Ø  Support for Umuada (Women and Girls) institution has yielded to the inclusion 5 women in Igwe’scabinet and inclusion of youths in Town Union meetings.

Ø  Supportfor Women in Governance Network (WIG) has led to the formation of State Executives of (WIG), women winning the Chairperson of NULGA in Ihiala and Anambra East LGAsand strong voice in Anambra state government

Ø  Supportfor COMEN and CBMshas led to their taking ownership of their  community projects and active participation in budget planning and implementation

Ø  Support for HODs and Information officers in 8 LGAs have made them more effective and efficient in service delivery.

Ø  Support for Tax justice in Anambra state has resulted in the setting up of taskforce on illegal revenue collection

Ø  JDPC Hour – live Radio Listeners Programme – Discussing issues of rights, advocacy and learning

Ø  Support for Elections Monitoring has increased the number of polling stations monitored in 2015 general election.

Ø  Capacity building for Igwes’ and Community Leaders has increased traditional ruler’s interest and participation in governance.

Ø  Logging –in of human rights/child’s rights abuses has resulted in engagement with NPF/DSS, NBA, NHRC, Public Defenders, NOA, CPC and Prisons

Ø  Strong support and networking withthe media and CSO Advocacy Team

Ø  8 Innovative fund partners have worked to increase the reach and scope of V2P activities.




14.1 GREATER VOICE FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS:JDPC Onitsha through targeted advocacy, information sharing and negotiations has recorded progress towards abolition of cultural practices/inhibitions against women, girls and other smaller groups with the signing of a Commitment Register by 12 traditional rulers. This is a position agreement that commits the Traditional Rulers to champion the courses of women through the removal of all forms of social practices, norms and behaviour that limit spaces or discourage women from participating meaningfully in community affairs thereby institutionalised the Umuada group.

This resulted inwomen community based monitors at UmunachiandUmuoba being appointed member of Igwe-in council. Town union meeting is now open to women at Umueri, Ogwu-Ikpele etc.


JDPC Onitsha Staff with the women appointed into the Umuoba-Anam Cabinet.


14.2 COMEN AND CBM TOOK OWNERSHIP: Community empowerment network (COMEN) and


Community Based Monitors (CBM) have taken up responsibility. Among the COMEN community), contract awarded for the installation of Solar Street Light in the Community as contained in the community’s Charter of Demand. Rehabilitation work has commenced at Umueze-Anam. Also JDPC-V2P created space for three communities in Ogbaru LGA namely Ossomala, AkiliOgidi and Ogwuikpele toraise their voice on the abandoned Ossomala-Ogwuikpele road leading to the recommencement of the road.


JDPC Onitsha supported Communities in Ogbaru LG to demand completion of abandoned road project.


14.3 CAPACITY BUILDING FOR LGA EXECUTIVES:Heads of Departments and Information officers of 8 LGAs were supported with capacity LGAs to review and produce a comprehensive implementation strategy. The strategy was developed through a joint effort of 10 HODs, 8 Information Officers and JDPC/ V2P team. The new implementation strategy covers the plan to implement Anambra state 2015 budget which contains the demand charters developed and supported by the rural communities.


Capacity Building organized by JDPCO for LG officials on Development of Strategic plan.


14.4 TAX JUSTICE ADVOCACY: The problem of insufficient funding militating against the government especially local councils’ response to COMEN, CBM and Town Union’s demand as presented from Community demand Charters and Scorecards led to Tax justice advocacy. The JDPC advocacy campaign has (This) led to a joint communiqué requiring every citizen to embrace tax as a responsibility and support the fight against multiple-taxation. Through this intervention Anambra state government has also set-up joint taskforce against multiple-taxation led by Hon.Chikaodili Anarah and who also inaugurated a point of services (POS) payment centres across Anambra state. The taskforce introduced an illegal tax  hotline 08034106192 for instant report of intimidation, harassment, extortion, and illegal imposition of fees or multiple taxation.




Some of the Receipts used by illegal Tax collectors to extort money from people.


14.5 JDPC-V2P ADVOCACY TO EEDC HEADQUARTER: To improve the epileptic power supply, estimated bill palaver, lack of meter supply and other issues surrounding poor electricity distribution, JDPC Onitsha, CSO partner’s and  her media friend visited EEDC head  office  in Enugu to lay complaints of electricity users in the South Eastern Nigeria. The visit yielded result. For any complaint regarding poor electricity supply call these hot-lines: Awka-09021001353, Ekwuluobia-09021001352, Nnewi- 09021001351, Ogbaru–09021001349, Ogidi-09021001350, Onitsha-09021001348, Head office Enugu 08121020423.


JDPC Onitsha led Media Advocacy to EEDDC Office.



The number of media organizations following and reporting V2P events has increased from 5 to 10 media organizations (5 prints and 3 TVsand 2 Radios). The project has attracted media interest. V2P live Radio Listeners programme has become a house hold programme. The number of callers has increased to 1, 944 callers every quarter of 12 times appearances.



14.7 SUCCESSFUL ELECTION MONITORING: The Justice, Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) Onitsha is involved in Election activities as part of her Democracy and Good Governance programme. JDPC has carried out election activities in the following areas:

·         Exclusive voters education TOT training for 100 Catholic priests within the Archdiocese for 2015 election

·         Exclusive voters education training for 64 community leaders

·         Exclusive voter education training for 300 women and adolescent girls in preparation for Presidential, National Assembly and State Assembly election of 2015.

·         Trained 1,050 (One thousand and fifty) Election observers on electoral processes and Election Day activities/ observation in 2015 elections.


JDPC Onitsha Staff working as Election Observer during the 2015  general Election

14.8 ENLARGED PARTNERSHIP:JDPC added Eight 8 new Innovation Fund partners in her effort to effect the Theory of Change (ToC) programme. They are: International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), Hope Givers Initiative (HOG), Aguata Diocesan Community Human Services (ADCHUS), Catholic Missionary Care Organization (CCO), Centre for Gender and Sustainable Development (CGSD), Care for the Physically Challenged & Disable Foundation (CAPCADF), Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities (JONAWWIP), Civil Resources Development and Documentation Center (CIRDDOC).

This partnership has led to improvement in the programmes and activities of JDPC//V2P project as well as improved service delivery to the publics.







Innovation Fund Benefiting Organisation with their cheques during the event Lunch

JDPC retained her network of partners at International, National, State and Local levels. These include the Department for International Development (DFiD), Christian Aid (CA), Centre for Leadership and Strategic Development (C-LSD), Civil Rights Concern (CRC), Development in Practice (DiP), and a host of community articulated partners like Community Empowerment Network (COMEN), Community Based Monitors (CBO’s) who work collectively for a better society.  Also 27 Civil society groups were supported with capacity on organizational development and the V2P partners’ participation along other CSOs in the State Budget Forum 2015, a process which has brought the State Government to embrace charter approach as a new original way of making official request.




The JDPC Caritas intervention revolves around giving the needy cash charity, paying for school fees indigent students or pupils and paying bills for the sick.

Ephesians 4:10: “As we have opportunity, let us do good unto all men especially unto them who are of the same faith”.

In fulfillment of the above scripture, JDPC Onitsha through its P-JDPC gave out assorted food stuffs, clothing materials and cash gift worth of N 3 Million to over 2,000 less privileged, poor and needy beneficiaries within the year.

JDPC Head office through her Caritas desk extended hand of support to the needy and less privileged under the following headings:

Ø  Cash charity: 52 persons totaling N 327, 500

Ø   Bursary: 15 persons totaling N 195, 000

Ø   Medicals: 29 persons totaling N 319, 330

N 841, 830




                                      ONITSHA REGION




JDPC St Mary’s Parish Iba-Pope Awada through her caritas intervention in 2015 has extended helping hand to the poor and needy in their parish  as follows:

1)      Food items worth N200,000

2)      Clothing worth      N30,000

3)      Financial empowerment of 10 parishioners @ N10, 000 = N100, 000.

4)      Medical support to Mr. Chinedu Nwoye (accident victim) N80, 000.

5)      Supporting a Deaf parishioner Mr. Chukwuka Mmaduekwe with N36, 000 to enable him start a shoe making business.

6)      Donating ultra-modern information board worth N25, 000 to the parish.

7)      Donating drugs worth N30, 000 to Onitsha prisons.

8)      Donating a pew worth N30, 000 to the parish.

9)      Supported Mrs. Grace Oforkaja and Mrs. Chinyere Obi with N5, 000 each for the medical expenses.





The JDPC of Sacred Heart Odoakpu report of 2015 reflected the following  caritas interventions:


a)      Paid N100, 000 hospital bills to release an indigent family who were held for five (5) months for not able to pay their hospital bill.

b)      Given N200, 000 to empower 20 women at N10, 000 each for sustaining their family livelihood.

c)      Spent over N150, 000 for over 150 special children (orphans) in valentine day celebration.

d)     Spent over N100, 000 on feeding and clothing the prisoners and supporting them with empowerment tools such as barbing clippers,shoe laces etc.

Sacred Heart OdoakpuPDPC Organized Valentine party for Motherless Babies.





To promote human dignity the P-JDPC St Jude Fegge achieved the following on caritas involvement:


a)      Helped Brother MichaelOnuigbo to pay his hospital bill of N 100,000 from Menax hospital Onitsha.

b)      Visited Motherless Baby Home Umuoji with 4 cartons of Ndomie noodle, 2 cartons of Cabin biscuit, 2 cartons of soap, cloths worth N25, 000:00.

c)      Christmas for the poor: Food stuffs, condiments, cloths worth over N50,000  were shared to poor and needy in the parish


St Jude Parish Feggee JDPC helps to offset Hospital Bill of Mr M. Onuigbo



In 2015, JDPC St Mary Parish Inland Town extended hands of fellowship in its caritas program as follows:

a)      Over N200, 000 cash distributed to 115 poor and indigent parishioners.

b)      11 bags of rice, 2 bags of beans and 2 bags of onions worth over N150,000 was distributed to 250 poor parishioners

c)      N620, 000 was given to 65 parishioners as soft loan to boost their businesses.


Food items donated by St Mary’s Onitsha Parish JDPC to the poor.



In an effort to promote human dignity and sustainability in the parish JDPC SS John and Paul engaged in the following activities;

a)      Mr. Anthony Ikeneche a parishioner with disability was supported to start a shoe business with a container, industrial filling machine and N25, 000 cash.

b)      Five parishioners were given N20, 000 each while another five parishioners were given N10, 000 each to boost their business.

c)      Bought and distribute 6 bags of rice, 5 cartons of tomatoes, 5 cartons of Indomie nodule, oil, soap, food  condiments and clothing worth over N100,000 was given to the poor as Easter and Christmas for the poor.


Workshop Donated by SS John and Paul Awada PDPC to disabled Parishoner.



The JDPC Holy Spirit Parish Omagba has extended caritas to the poor and needy as follows:

a)      Christmas for the poor: 7 bags of rice, 150 tubers of yam, 7 cartons of noodles, 2 cartons of tomatoes and N101,000 cash was distributed to 120 indigent parishioners and widows.

b)      Over N100, 000 spent on medical treatment of the sick and aged in the parish. JDPC Omagbavisited and gave Mrs. Agudiegwu (sick) N50, 000 cash, rice, yams and noodles. Accident victim Miss Christy received N2, 000, rice, yams and noodles.

c)      JDPC Omagba collaborated with Social Network initiatives to administer Vitamin A supplement and de-worm over250 children aged 1-6months

                                            PIX 27 (Holy Spirit Omagba)



The JDPC St John De Baptist Odoakpu report of 2015 participated in the following  caritas interventions:

Christmas for the poor: 10 bags of rice, 200 tubers of yams, 1 bag of beans, 1 bag of garri, 5 cartons of tomatoes and condiments at the cost of N150,000 was given to the poor and needy parishioners

Food Items and Clothes Donated to the poor by St John Odoakpu PJDPC




The JDPC Our Lady of Fatima Woliwo gave helping hands to the poor and needy in their parish through her caritas intervention in 2015 as follows:

Christmas for the poor: 20 bags of rice, 80 tubers of yams, 9 cartons of tomatoes, onions, indomi-noodles and cloths worth overN200,000 were distributed to 200 poor and needy persons from different part of the town and parishioners.

Empowerment: 100 poor parishioners were given N2,000 each to start small business

Our Lady of Fatima Parish JDPC Christmas for the Poor.






The JDPC of St Theresa Obosi report of 2015 reflected the following  caritas interventions:

a)       Christmas for the poor: 4 bags of rice, 5 cartons of tomatoes, 5 bags of salt, 5 packets of knorr cube and cloths worth N60,000 was distributed to the poor parishioners.

b)      Easter for the poor: 3 bags of rice. 2 cartons of tomatoes and condiments worth N25,000 were distributed to the poor and needy parishioners



St Theresa’s Parish Obosi Christmas for the Poor.



JDPC St Anthony’s of Padua through her caritas intervention in 2015 has given helping hands to the poor and needy in their parish  as follows

a.      Easter for the poor: JDPC with the support of the parish gave out 10 bags of rice, 400 tubers of yam , 10 cartons of tomatoes, 10 cartons of soap toilet tissues and etc worth over N200,000 to the poor and needy within the parish


b.      JDPC St Anthony partnered with Idemili North LGA health management to institute a clinic for free monthly immunization of children. JDPC also collaborated with ANSACA to conduct free HIV medical test and distribute drugs worth N240, 000 to both parishioners and others sick people. JDPC also invites Doctors and nurses to their clinics to give free medical treatment twice monthly to sick parishioners.

c.       Empowerment: JDPC with the parish gave 4 persons N50, 000, purchased bakery equipment for one person and paid school fees to two students at NwaforOrizucollege of education Nsugbe.


St Anthony’s Nkpor Parish JDPC Christmas for the Poor.



The JDPC Holy Cross Nkpor effort to alleviate the suffering of the poor and less privilege yielded the following :

a)      Easter for the poor: Fairly used cloths worth N250, 000 were distributed to the Riverside communities by the Parish Priest/JDPC.

b)      Christmas for the poor: Food items worth N50, 000 and Cloths worth N25, 000 were distributed to victims of Boko Haram insurgent led by Mr. Moses Nwankwo.



Food items and Clothes Donated to the Poor by Holy Cross Nkpor Parish JDPC



The JDPC Holy Family Akuzu participated in the following  caritas interventions in 2015:

a.       Easter for the poor: Three bags of rice, 60 tubers of yams, 5 cartons of tomatoes, 1 bag of beans, toilet tissues, indomie-noodles and cloths worth N75,000 was distributed to 40 needy parishioners.

b.      Prison Apostolate: JDPC Holy family visited Onitsha prisons with food items, and cloths worth over N50, 000.

c.       Empowerment: JDPC Holy family gave N35,000 (10,000 each to two and N15, 000 to one) to three parishioners to assist them start small scale business.


Members of Holy Family Akwuzu PJDPC and beneficiaries during Easter for the poor


The JDPC StAnthony of Padua has extended caritas to the poor and needy as follows

Christmas for the poor: JDPC Umudioka, a new member of JDPC, Dunukofia region gave out 2 bags of rice, oil and condiments worth N30,000 to the needy and poor in the parish.

Food Items shared to the poor St Anthony’s Umudioka Parish JDPC





The JDPC St Charles Lwanga extended hand of fellowship to the poor and needy as follows

a)      Christmas for the poor: JDPC St Lwanga gave out 12 bags of rice, 12 bags of beans, 12 bags of onion, 12 gallons of vegetable oil, 12 cartons of Tummy noodles, 36 tubers of yams and cloths worth over N150,000 to the poor and needy both outside parish and parishioners.

b)      Easter for the poor: N51, 000 was given to 51 indigent parishioners. 3 bags of rice was cooked and given to over 100 poor parishioners.

c)      Sanitation: Bought 6 big plastic rubber dustbin and other sanitation materials to maintain cleanliness in the parish.



Food Items Donated to the Poor by St LwangaIyiowa Parish JDPC


The JDPC St Joseph Atani effort to alleviate the suffering of the poor and less privilege yielded the following

a)      Christmas for the poor: JDPC St Joseph, the Parish and support of an anonymous lady parishioner gave out One Cow, 20 bags of rice, 20 cartons of tomatoes and cloths worth over N300,000 to the needy parishioners

b)      Easter for the poor: JDPC St Joseph distributed 10 bags of rice, 3 cartons of tomatoes and 5 cartons of soap to the poor and needy parishioners

Food Items Donated to the poor by JDPC St Joseph Atani



The JDPC St Francis of Assisi report of 2015 participated in the following  caritas interventions

a)      Christmas for the poor: 5 bags of rice, 30 tubers of yams, 10 gallons of oil, 5 cartons of tomatoes and cloths worth over N100,000 was shared to parishioners.

b)      Empowerment: 36 parishioners were given N2, 000 each to start any trading.

c)      Easter for the poor: 32 poor and needy parishioners were given rice, yams tomatoes and oil.

St Francis Parish Okpko JDPC donates to the poor and Aged.





To promote solidarity and godliness  the P-JDPC St Augustine Umuoba achieved the following on caritas involvement:

a)      Home for aged Woman and Aged Man: JDPC Umuoba-Anam contributed building materials worth over N50, 000 each and actively participated in rebuilding of houses for an aged woman and an aged man Mr. Egwuobarespectively.

b)      Christmas for the poor: 4 bags of rice, 30 tubers of yams, 3 gallons of oil, 2 cartons of tomatoes and cloths worth over N60,000 was shared to the needy parishioners.

c)      Easter for the poor: 2 bags of rice, 25 tubers of yams, 2 gallons of oil, 1 cartons of tomatoes and cloths worth over N40,000 was shared to parishioners.










Rebuilding for an Elderly poor Man by JDPC St Augustine Umuoba-Anam.



The JDPC St Francis Ifite- Aguleri participated in the following  caritas interventions in 2015

Three bags of rice, yam, tomato worth N27, 450 and cloths was shared to the less privileged from Igboezunu, St Peters Abor outstations and main parish.



St Francis IfiteAguleri Parish JDPC Donated food for the Poor






The JDPC St Williams Nkwellewere involved in the following  caritas interventions in 2015

Christmas for the Poor: Three bags of rice, a carton of vegetable oil, three cartons of tomato and food stuff worth N33,770 were distributed to the less privilege during the Christmas



Food Items Donated by St Williams Nkwelle-Ezunaka  Parish JDPC to the poor





JDPC St Odilias’s Parish Ojoto-Uno through her caritas intervention in 2015 has extended helping hand to the poor and needy in their parish  as follows:


a)      Farming for the Poor: JDPC St Odilias went into farming basically to feed the poor parishioners and communities. These yield a good result. Cassava worth N60, 000 was harvested and distributed to the poor and less privilege in the parish and community.

b)      Christmas for the poor: Two bags of rice, one carton of tomatoes, ten tubers of yam and N30,750 was shared to 40 less privilege and poor people in the parish.


Members of St Odilia’s Ojoto Parish JDPC and Beneficiaries of their empowerment program.



Finally, JDPC Onitsha in her V2P programme won the best Christian Aid Partner in governance programme for 2015. Equally, she won second position in finance overall rating in the same programme.



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