Focus, Goals & Strategy


The Church in Nigeria employs the JDPC as an organ to implement her social and human development program.

JDPC is considered the Archdiocesan answer to the summon of the’ Second Vatican Council which states that the church should be concerned in the building of a just and peaceful world. His Holiness Pope Paul VI stressed, the encyclical ‘Populorum Progresso; one of the important documents of the Council which focused on the development of people. The Progressive development of people is an object of deep interest and concern to the church.’  The essence of this commission is to awaken in the people of God full awareness of their mission on earth and to further the progress of poorer nations and international social Justice.


  1. To restore the dignity and equity precept of all human through advocacy.

  2. Work with youths towards refocusing them to better practices.

  3. Promote good governance via concerted community efforts and government involvement.

  4. Support through care and provision of materials.

  5. To promote a just and free society.

  6. To promote an enlighten and liberated society.

  7. To promote human values and attitudes of people in the society.

  8. To develop and ensure clean and healthy environment.

  9. To create opportunities for self-reliance.

  10. To promote the concept of justice in the civil society.


The focus in JDPC is on the rights of the people, which of course have, to be complemented by the people’s responsibilities and duties to other people and the communities. Therefore, in meeting these practical needs, JDPC deploys the following strategies:

  1. Standardized trainings and capacity buildings for civil society groups and workers (in both public and private sectors)

  2. Youth mobilization and development.

  3. Sensitization of the general public on pertinent issues.

  4. Direct empowerment programmes (working with poor, vulnerable and marginalized)

  5. Advocacy (responding promptly through advocacy and activism to the need of the poor, marginalized and vulnerable in our immediate and remote environment).

  6. Collaboration with other groups to pursue good governance.

  7. Partnership with donor agencies.


In order to achieve its mission and objectives, JDPC operates through three arms namely:

  • The P-JDPC-Parish Based JDPC

  • The YCP/JDPC-Young Catholic Professionals of JDPC

  • The S-JDPC-Students for JDPC