JDPC Onitsha Sustainable Empowerment Project…6 people benefits from JDPC Keke Empowernment.

Sustainable empowerment is the empowerment which targets to give beneficiaries a lasting solution to poverty by providing them with a sustainable means of livelihood. Justice Development and Peace Commission/Caritas Onitsha is focused on adopting such empowerment approach in order to reduce the incidence of poverty among poor, indigent and unemployed persons.
JDPC Onitsha has therefore embarked on Keke-na-pep (Tricycle) empowerment program which provides the beneficiaries with Keke on high purchase basis which after months of repayment they take ownership of the Keke.
The Keke empowerment started in 2014 with 2 beneficiaries and a second phase of the program in 2015 has increased the number of beneficiaries to six with 4 more beneficiaries in this second phase.
Addressing the beneficiaries, JDPC Director Rev. Dr. Fr. Edwin Udoye advised them to work hard in order to ensure that they not only make a living but also make enough money to empower other unemployed persons.
Fr. Edwin handing over the Keke to beneficiaries in the first phase of the empowerment.
According to Fr. Edwin, “JDPC expects you to work hard, pay for the Tricycle at the required time. We expect you to save yourself from the clutches of poverty and be able to empower other people who needs empowerment This is the aim of undertaking this project, empowering people to empower others”.

Executive Director and Keke empowerment committee handing over to a beneficiary @2nd phase of the empowerment

JDPC MEMBERS FULFILING THE MANDATE OF CHRIST… JDPC Sacred Heart Odoakpu and St Mary’s Awada Embarks on prison Visitation
In fulfillment of the mandate of Christ “I was in prison and you visited me (Mt25:43), the parish of JDPC from Sacred heart parish Odoakpu and St Mary’s parish Awada with support from their parishes, Parish Priests, Rev. Frs Donald Uzoh and Ignatius okwuonu and JDPC Archdiocese visited the inmates of Onitsha prison to share the love of Christ and sense of brotherhood with the inmates.
The inmates numbering about 786 made up both male and female shared with PJDC members some of their stories and showcased the various arts and crafts which they are trained in to give them skills and keep them gainfully engaged in preparation for their release from the prison.
The Controller of Onitsha prisons Mr Ezeagu appreciated the members of PJDC for the visit and called on more individuals to imitate this good practice. He further pleaded on members of the public to help in empowering the inmates by donating more of machineries and equipments which would help in training of the inmates rather than providing food items and toiletries. Evangelization and Social Transformation…. JDPC Engages Religious Leaders.
The need to bring social transformation and Evangelization is important to promote development in rural communities. Justice and Peace commission Onitsha in line with this belief held an engagement meeting with religious leaders drawn from different Christian denominations at Paradise Regained hotel Ogidi in the second quarter of the year to share the need for leaders and church groups to get involved in the process of development in their immediate communities and the state at large.
The participants at the meeting identified major issues which has distracted the Christian communities and their leaders from transforming the society through evangelization. Some of the issues identified included Denominationalism which really posses a big challenge to the church Social transformation drive; as seen in the continued degradation of the society even as the number of churches increases, materialism and selfish interest on the part of some church leaders who rather than get interested in the welfare of the people are busy exploiting poor and gullible congregation through fake miracles and promise of prosperity. JDPC Supported the selected church leaders to reflect on the way forward and set up actions for future sensitization and engagement with other religious leaders.
3 Times I have received Loan from JDPC and the times I have made 3 Leaps towards success…….Promic beneficiary.

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