You are been called to join any of the below categories of humanitarian work for the development of humanity. Kindly pick any of the fields you can best identify with:

1.      Environmental Justice – Teaching, mobilizing and sensitizing people to develop a sense of ownership and change of attitude about environmental sanitation especially littering streets and gutters with refuge, planting of trees, and avoid activities that are harmful to the ecosystem.

2.      Judicial and Penal Reform – Involving in prison apostolate – welfare packages, legal aid, and engaging the state actors on policies that will better the life of prison inmates


3.      Economic and Social Justice – Teaching, building and improving social advantages in the communities by building capacities on economic justice, supporting poverty alleviation, supporting community empowerment, supporting JDPC Micro-credit


4.      Peace Building and Conflict Resolution – building the capacities of communities on peaceful co-existence and enhancing development efforts by participating in conflict resolution, mediation and alternative dispute resolution ADR etc.

5.      Democracy and Good Governance – Involving in civic education, gender education, giving voice to the voiceless, participating in election monitoring, budget monitoring, supporting activities that will enhance good or inclusive governance etc.

6.      Caritas – Training people on best ways to do charity, emergency response, caring for the sick or aged, supporting the orphans, and caring for the motherless children etc.


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